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Family Retreat 2020

Registrations Closed Due to Coronavirus

Dear friends,
We have a fantastic announcement for YOU and YOUR families!
To give you heads up and to ensure that you plan well in advance, we would like to inform you that the family event “Get together with nature 2020”, is planned to be organized from the 7th to 10th May at : Smallwood Manor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. ST14 8NS
This summer retreat has been especially designed for families to spend quality time together in a natural setting enabling you to unleash your genius and connect with your inner guidance through the power of yoga and meditation in cozy environment with likeminded people.  The long weekend incorporates yoga classes healthy cooking, meditation, sports, group discussions, games and group activities  as well as guided nature walks and Campfires.

We wish to welcome a diverse group of families to relax, refresh, unplug, enjoy the beauty of nature, and learn at a serene environment (with food for your soul, enjoyment for your hearts and guidance for  leading a happy, healthy life).  With relaxed bodies, loving hearts, and peaceful minds, we could create a positive community.  We will acknowledge our humanity together, by recognising the preciousness of our lives and reflecting on the short time we have on this beloved earth. Let us experience healthy mind in healthy body! Let us take our consciousness above the temporary body and mind. let us be in our real nature!
Other Important Information:

  • Date of retreat:  07th  May Thursday evening from 3 PM till 10th  May Sunday 2 PM (3 nights & 3 days)
  • Venue Details: Smallwood Manor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. ST14 8NS
  • Costs – £ 99  per adult, £ 75 per kid above 3 years which includes accommodation and food costs for 3 nights/day
    (Early Bird Offer £ 95  per adult, £ 70 per kid if payment is made by 07-Mar-2020)
  • Payments:  Account: Manavata,  Account No: 61785036, Sort Code: 403105
  • Confirm your attendance ASAP by registering using the link below  http://uk.manavata.org/manavata-family-retreat-2020/

The retreat is always greatly over-subscribed and so families are asked to apply ASAP by booking in advance.
Let us make this 3 days retreat, a productive trip with great learning and inspiration.

Best Regards,
Manavata UK

Updates from the Family Events :

Name Adults Children Topics to Cover or Discuss
Laxmi Yalamaddi 2 2
Rammanohar Potu 2 2 Mediation
pavan mandava 2 2
Padmaja Ganti 0 1 Anemia and controlling high blood pressure
Jo Gandhi 1 0 Thyroid/pcos
Jo Gandhi 2 0 Thyroid/pcos
Jyotsna Jindal 0 0
Sheethal Nadipalli 1 2 Everyday yoga for kids
Vamsi Jasti 1 1 Healthy Living
Narsaiah Tootikoora 2 2 Yes
Charan Gupta 2 2 Yoga and Meditation
Bhagath Akkera 1 1
Vamsi Mula 2 3
Amit Khanna Amit Khanna 4 2 Yoga for older people, kids. How to control Cholesterol, triglycerides naturally
Shantanu Golar 1 2
Shantanu Priya 2 2 Please discard the previous entry, thank u🙏
Krishnan Sambasivan 2 1
Bhushan Kalbande 2 1
Mohit Gupta 3 1 Yoga and Meditation
Praveen Botchu 1 2
Nagaraj Kuriba 2 2
Hemanth Kumar 2 1
Sunil Patil 2 2
Harika Yadavalli Harika Yadavalli 2 1
Krishna Batchu 2 2
Sathiyan D 2 2
Ravi Kumar Vobilisetty 1 0
Sibasis Nayak 1 2 How can we live a purposeful life inspired by teachings of Bhagavad Gita
Ashish Dhanda 2 2 Meditation, Yoga.
Ajay Jadhav 1 2 Yoga and Meditation
Ajay Jadhav 2 2 Yoga and Meditation
Vamsi Jasti 2 1 Healthy Happy Harmonious Living....... 🙂
Awani Gupta 2 2 Indian mythology
Sreenivasa Thummala Thummala 2 2 yoga and meditation, healthy living and everyday yoga for kids; healthy happy harmonious living
Sandeep Jain Jain 2 2 yoga and living with nature