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Telugu Workbook for Level 1
                Course Grade 1
  • Telugu Text book will be provided.
  • Eligible age is 5 years or year 1 of the school year.
  • Every Sundays @ 9:00 Am – 10:00, 10;00 – 11:00 The last Demo class is on Sunday 24th.
  • The last day for Enrollment(Fee donation) is on Sunday 24th.
Telugu Course Enrollment with payment details:


The One-time fee is £60 including the book for the Grade 1 Telugu Course for each pupil. Collection of books from Reading is free but postage of £5 will be added if not collected.

Donation amount of pupil including postage will be £65. A donation amount for two pupils ie siblings including postage will be £130.

Classes will be on google meet and google classes. Please arrange a headset for your children to attend the class and are in a quiet room so that they can concentrate on the lesson. These sessions are not recorded since it involves children, but the teacher can post the video of their own teaching for example difficult words to assist children pronunciation in google classroom. And additional homework will be planned by teachers.

In the introductory class we will show the curriculum of the book and the structure of teaching methodology. And will give an overall schedule of the course of Grade 1. At the moment we are teaching only Grade 1 ie equivalent of first-class/beginner curriculum. Eligible age is 5 years or year 1 of the school year. Our Telugu course has got three Grades ie

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3

At the beginning new year, an assessment will be conducted to promote the pupils to Grade 2. But if not promoted they will be the same grade.

If a pupil who has an age of 10 years, if example finished the Grade 1 curriculum, then we would assign of additional Grade 1 curriculum to them via google classroom. Since our Grade 1 curriculum is a guideline but there are plenty of other things that come under Grade 1. for example rhymes we have only three rhymes. so can teach other additional rhymes as well.

We are planning to have 15 children per class so that teacher(s) can concentrate. And we are keeping classes on Sunday, and depending upon the number of registrations and teachers, we can schedule other timing as well if required. But the books will be ordered from India and we need to know by 24th January. So we are looking by Feb 1st week, to send books out to you. In effect, you have an initial two classes to decide.

Teachers and volunteers are working only for a service and it’s entirely a charity purpose. Hence all amount to donate to poor & needy.please refer to Manavata for details of manavata.

If interested send the following details to this address TeluguManavataUk@gmail.com

  • Gmail address: Send your email address, name, and phone number so that we can send a meeting request to your email. if Gmail address is not there please create one for yourself for Telugu classes.
  • Please send me child details ie Name, age, & their proficiency in Telugu. we send the invitation to the class either for 9:00 Am – 10:00, 10;00 – 11:00

    • Best Regards,
      Manavata UK