Vedic Maths for Juniors


Level 1 – Basic course: covers basic arithmetic operations on small numbers through higher tasks in basic operations, recurring decimals and Squares.

Course Pre-Requisite
Age Group : 7 to 10 years
Duration : 1 hour, (Sundays @Reading from 3-4 pm)
Certification: Provided after completion of the exam.

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Mastering Mathematics without tears 
He knew all the sums,  but failed because he made silly mistakes in calculations She tells all the answers at home but cannot do it well in the math exam.

She scored so well in English, Biology and Sanskrit. I wonder why she scored so  poorly in math.

My son avoids mathematics until the exams are on his head.

My daughter is waiting to get to Junior college, so that she can leave mathematics
and take a group without math.

Honestly, even I never liked mathematics and did it as a compulsion only Are these comments by some parents sounding familiar and similar to thoughts in your mind?
Well they are all result of the math phobia suffered by one in five from all over the world.

One important reason could be the way math is taught in schools.How can you help the situation? Would you like your child to?
 Love mathematics and do it voluntarily every day
 Learn math with fun and games
 Be not afraid of long calculations and complicated arithmetic
 Acquire skill of long mental calculations which sharpens the brain and memory
 Learn techniques of quick rechecking of calculations
 Acquire magic formulae for doing complicated sums in seconds
 Show overall improvement in academic performance
 Get full advantage of the great secrets of math hidden in ancient scriptures, without
reading them and learning Sanskrit

Then Vegam is the right choice for you and your child

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