Value Based Education


Value based Education  gives the child the opportunity to enjoy and learn simultaneously which consists of 


Value based education are taught for different age groups with traditional tales and excerpts from epics to inculcate moral values in kids and will includes physical activities as well.
Various stories from Panchatantra having morals values which are  Vedic Tradition  will be taught to children among with hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata

Yoga for School children:

Yoga is now a popular activity both for adults as well as in many schools . It does not need extensive kits and other resources. The practice of Yoga should not be seen as a specific religious ritual. It can be practiced by anyone. It is a good extra-curricular activity, which can help both children and adults to develop a strong and healthy physical body, mental concentration, and assist them in developing emotionally
Age limit : Above 5 years


A choice of Hindi , telugu and tamil languages are  taught by dedicated volunteers to teach kids their mother tongue.
Age : above 5 yrs

  • Note :  Above three modules will be taught separately at Reading.Please refer to Mahe Centres for more details.
    All courses fees will be only term wise at earley.
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MAHE’s Education helps inculcate positive behaviour like respecting others and being tolerant. It will challenge the children mentally and physically with a variety of activities. Some of the MAHE activities will include:

Physical Development – Yoga, Martial arts, Dance, team walks, educational trips
Mental Development – Quiz, puzzle, Role-play, Group Discussion
Social Development – Ethics, Culture, Group Discussion, Music / Dance performance
Emotional Development – Story telling, Drama
Spiritual Development – Meditation, study, discourses

Benefits to the children:

Help children be more independent, confident, develop high self-esteem and positive attitude to life
Help children identify and achieve their potential
Help develop personal value system and gain a balanced, compassionate perspective to all of life
Help enhance their social and communication skills
Fun learning experience that will help improve the child’s EQ & IQ

Course Pre-Requisite
Age limit : Above 7 years of age
Duration : An hour session from 4-5 pm in 3 levels – basic, intermediate and advanced level.
Certification : Provided on successful demonstration of asanas posture and pranayama with names and benefits in 3 levels – basic, intermediate and advanced.

Benefits for children:

Children learn best when they are relaxed and happy Asanas (postures) , Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation are used in the sessions as a fun filled activity Children have more energy, flexibility and balance.They become more peaceful and self-aware.They can focus and concentrate on studies easily They can cope with stresses like exams, peer pressure etc 

You don’t need to be specially fit to do yoga, it’s a process of naturally getting better over time, and there is no sense of insecurity such as ‘this  child is better than me’ because it is an individual exercise where performance isn’t analysed, so there is no worry of being judged.

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