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Music and learning to play an instrument can have so many benefits for your child! Learning how to play music, how to sing and listen to music are all a natural part of life. Music is about communication, self-expression and having fun! A rewarding experience that can help your child improve their ability to listen and focus, promote good self esteem, self-expression and problem solving skills, and best of all help your child grow as a person.

The best kids’ musical instruments to learn first can be partly dependent on the age of the student and how long or short their fingers are, but the benefits are the same. The other important element to consider in choosing the best kids’ musical instruments is what your child is most interested in. Have they expressed an interest in a particular instrument already?


Age limit : 5 and a half years onwards for Guitar and Keyboard



I learned music when I was 12. I have a Bachelor degree in music. I have performed at more that 3000 shows and played with Singers like – Zubin Garg, Suresh Wadekar, Padma ji, etc. I have been teaching music more than 5 years. I would like to help people who are interested or passionate about music by guiding them throughout the journey. I don’t teach a person few songs for achieving grades or certificates but to learn and understand music in such a way that he or she can compose their own music. My idea is to make a person a true musician.

Below are the few genres I cover:
Rock and roll
Indian Classical

These classes will consist of understanding Notes, Scales, Octaves, Rhythms,Chords, Lead, etc.

Kids achievements
Paarth – won the runners up trophy in Reading under 18 talent show.
Anirudh – Got selected in the junior band after 4 months of learning guitar.
Jyothi – perfomed in an event flawlessly after 3 months of training.
Priya – started composing music after 6 months of training.
Riya – performed several times on stage within 1 year of training.

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