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Manavata Family Retreat 2019 – Fully Booked

Manavata Family Retreat 2019

Get together with nature 2019”, is planned to be organized from the 24th to 27th May at Mount Cook Adventure Center Porter Lane, Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 4LSThis summer retreat in Mount cook has been especially designed for families to spend quality time together in a natural setting enabling you to uleash your genius and connect with your inner guidance through the power of yoga and meditation in cozy environment with likeminded people.

The long weekend incorporates yoga classes healthy cooking, meditation, Scout, sports, group discussions, games and group activities as well as guided nature walks and Campfires. The accommodation is in the charming and spacious Mount Cook, with separate ensuite rooms. It has a big garden, with lots of trees for everyone to enjoy a fun weekend.

We wish to welcome a diverse group of families to relax, refresh, unplug, enjoy the beauty of nature, and learn at a serene environment (with food for your soul, enjoyment for your hearts and guidance for leading a happy, healthy life). With relaxed bodies, loving hearts, and peaceful minds, we could create a positive community. We will acknowledge our humanity together, by recognising the preciousness of our lives and reflecting on the short time we have on this beloved earth. Let us experience healthy mind in healthy body! Let us take our consciousness above the temporary body and mind. let us be in our real nature!

Other Important Information:

Date of retreat: 24th May Friday evening from 3 PM till 27th May Monday 2 PM (3 nights & 3 days)

En-suite rooms per family

Venue Details: Mount Cook Adventure Center Porter Lane, Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 4LS ( www.mountcook.org)

Regular Price – 99 GBP per adult, £75 per kid (4 -15 years) & below 3 years go free (sharing bed with parent) that include all the accommodation and food costs for 3 nights/days

Contact: 07738 624808, 07903 439447

The retreat is always greatly over-subscribed and so families are asked to apply ASAP by booking in advance.

Let us make this 3 days retreat, a productive trip with great learning and inspiration.

Best Regards,

Manavata UK

Updates from the Family Events :

# Name Adults attending Childern attending Comments
Dr Praveen Soma two one Hi, the questions regarding children has no option to choose as zero. We are a family of 4 - 2 adults and 2 children, aged 5 and 10yrs old. My older daughter is severely allergic to milk and dairy products and egg.
Vivek Khandagale two Zero Kids are the age of 6 &10
Bhagath Akkera two Zero
Meena Padha two two Children (under 5): 0 Children (under 15): 2 2 Adults + 2 Children from Reading
Amit Khanna two Zero It seems there is no option to register kids between 5-15 years old. Please look in to it. We are a family of 4 - 2 adults, 1 child (10 years) and 1 child (3 years). Please confirm. Thanks, Amit
Ashish Chadha two Zero
Rammanohar Potu two two Is this working.
Uma Lade two Zero testing the registration
Swati Mittal two one None
Geetika Chadha two Zero
Praveen Botchu two two None
Babji Vundavilli one Zero
Ram Kaza two Zero Vegetarian and no egg
Vamsi Jasti two one
Raj Kethu two one No known allergies
Raj Kethu two one None
Varadish Kusumanchi two two This is our first time to a Manavata retreat. I guess the food will be Vegetarian, if not the case, please note us we are vegetarians. Thank you
Chandra Bikumandla two two None
Sumedha Vats two one Vegetarian food. No fish and no meat.
Aminesh Patel two one Vegetarian, no fish, eggs are OK.
Penumudi Rao four Zero Happy to be part of Family Event as volunter.
Kalyan Petluru two one Happy to be part of Family Event as volunteer
Charan Gupta two two None
Ravindra Atluri two two None
lakshmi koneru four Zero
Mani koneru two Zero None
Abhishek goli one Zero Happy to support any activities.
Jyothi Addala two Zero None
Srikanth Tatavarty two one We are family of 4 - 2 adults 1 kid(6 years ) and 1 baby ( 5 months )
Asha Kandra two one 2 adults ,2 kids(5years,2 years)
Veerabhadrudu V two Zero
Madhu Murtala two two
Suresh Marpuri two two
Kumar Datla two two
Jayasri Ganesh two one
jaswini potuganuma two one No
Nutan Talwar two one Vegetarian, no egg/fish/meat
Nutan Talwar two Zero
Sridevi Namilakonda two two
Chitra Kalbande two one Cocoa intolerant
Shantanu Golar two two 2 Adult + 2 Children (11 years and 5years) from Telford
Hemanth Kumar two one
Bhushan Kalbande two one
Bhushan Kalbande two one
Krishnan Sambasivan one Zero
Raghunath Pabbineedi two Zero
Krishnan Sambasivan one Zero Happy to share room with Golar / Kalbande family.
Narsaiah Tootikoora two two
Venukrishna Dontula two one
Srinivasa Alluri one Zero
Susanta Patnaik two two
Vijay Sawant two two
Mallikarjun Ganagi two two None
Shivanand Nashipudi two two
Mrityunjaya billur two two No
Ramesh Ingalagi two Three please allocate an ensuite family room.
Vikas Kumar two two
Basavaraj Chougala four two
Shivaraj Huller two Three
RAJEEV Metri two two No food allergy.
Kishore Raghupathi one Zero Happy to help Organising the Event.
Nagaraj Kuruba two two
Anil Karra two one
Sreelakshmi M two Zero No garlic, no mushrooms. Pure vegetarian.
Geetadevi Homila one Zero
Rahul Bachina two one No
Rama Suri two one Our elder son (21 years) to be confirmed yet due to uni exams.
Rama Suri one Zero Including our elder son to the registration
pavan mandava two two
Krishna Chinthala two one
Raj Marni two two
Sreenath Rupavatharam two two
Amitsinh Kumpavat two one
Shahid Shaik one Zero
Sadras Sivakumar four Zero
A Kumar two Zero
Sunil Patil two two
Sibasis Nayak none two No allergic.
Sibasis Nayak two two No allergy problem.
Pushpa Mulji two Zero Vegan diet for one
Vasu Pamuru two two None
Mohan Chitturi two one
Prashant Kukkadapu two two Kids are allergic to all Nuts, Chickpeas, Gram Flour and coconut.
Anurani Prabhu two Zero
MURALI DESAI two Zero No Allergies.
Sreelatha Mundrathi four Zero N/A
Bhagath Akkera one one No