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Manavata UK – July 2019 Events

Dear All

On behalf of Manavata, we are pleased to invite you all to join following online sessions for 3H Family wellbeing!

Date Topic Details
3rd July 2019 Healthy Cooking Right ingredients, kitchen chemistry, nutrition, healing food
4th July 2019 Better Parenting To give best future to kids
5th July 2019 Mindful living & Meditation How to keep mind Conscious all the time & make best use of life
8th July 2019 Leadership for Healthy Family & Humanity Skills & tools to lead by example, goal, plan, time, resourcefulness

Time: 8pm to 9pm BST/UK time
Online link: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/yoga.uk

Also let you know this weekend we have events & direct sessions as follows:
6th July: Cycling for Humanity (London to Brighton): http://uk.manavata.org/2019ukcyclingevent/
7th July: Yoga
· 7am to 9am: Yoga for daily needs (Kennet walk community centre, Reading, RG1 3GD)
· 3pm to 5pm: Family Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation (Kendrick school, Reading, RG1 5BN)

For more details please visit: uk.manavata.org or text: 07786863071

We wish you all the best to lead life mindfully to make valuable time and life more purposeful and efficient.

Very best wishes,

Manavata (uk.manavata.org)
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